Committee for the Protection of Astronomy and the Space Environment


The Committee for the Protection of Astronomy and the Space Environment (COMPASSE) was established by AAS in 1988 and was previously known as the Committee on Light Pollution, Radio Interference, and Space Debris. COMPASSE represents the interests of AAS relating to the protection of dark and radio-quiet skies, the safe and sustainable use of outer space, and related issues, and empowers AAS members to be effective advocates for the protection of US astronomy. Its vision is a Society whose members constitute a visible presence and an effective voice in the effort to protect dark and quiet skies and the integrity of the space environment to secure the future of astronomy.



COMPASSE is the arm of AAS tasked with building up expertise and engaging in advocacy around a series of issues affecting astronomy and the ability of AAS to achieve its mission. These range from more familiar topics like terrestrial light pollution to emergent concerns such as the use of the Earth’s Moon and the space surrounding it.  

Get Involved

There are a number of opportunities available to learn more about the issues that COMPASSE addresses in its work and for individuals and organizations to become involved in various efforts and programs aimed at solving problems to benefit astronomy for current and future generations. Information aimed specifically at students, educators, the media, policy makers and others is available.

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