What We Do

COMPASSE has dual responsibilities as charged by the AAS Board of Trustees, to both represent and inform. Drawing on their professional experiences, its members constitute a technical knowledge base on matters relating to the protection of dark and radio-quiet skies, the safe and sustainable use of outer space, and other issues. It advises the Society and its Board of Trustees on those issues and works closely with AAS public policy staff on related policy matters. COMPASSE maintains ties and works collaboratively with peer organizations such as the International Astronomical Union.

COMPASSE also uses its knowledge base and communications channels to empower AAS members to be effective advocates for the protection of U.S. astronomy. It puts on regular events at AAS meetings like special sessions and splinter meetings to engage AAS members directly. It develops educational material for use in both formal and informal instructional settings, public outreach efforts, responses to media enquiries, and informational briefings for members of Congress and executive branch agencies. And COMPASSE members conduct their own outreach as individuals while representing the Society to outside groups.

COMPASSE meets monthly as a full committee. Its members have organized several subcommittees (Light Pollution, Community Engagement, Satellite Constellations, Electromagnetic Interference, Space Debris, and Policy) to work on matters arising in particular topics within its remit. The subcommittees also meet regularly.

Our Partners

COMPASSE works with a number of other organizations, collaborating on shared projects and joint advocacy efforts. Some of these organizations are shown below; note that the use of their logos does not imply their endorsement of any particular COMPASSE or AAS activity, statement or position.