For Media​

COMPASSE champions the protection of the night sky and outer space integrity. From combating light pollution to addressing space debris, COMPASSE strives to secure a vibrant and equitable future for astronomy. To this end, we aim to help the media better understand the issues in order to ensure timely and accurate reporting.

Media Contacts

COMPASSE members with specific subject-matter expertise are available to answer questions and give interviews to members of the media. Please contact them directly at the email addresses listed below. When reaching out, kindly include your name, press affiliation, contact number, inquiries, a detailed message, and deadline if applicable. 

Light pollution: Prof. James Lowenthal (Smith College) or Dr. John Barentine (Dark Sky Consulting, LLC)

Space environment: Dr. Jonathan McDowell (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics)

Radio frequency interference: Dr. Sarah Marie Bruno (Johns Hopkins University)

Satellite constellations: Dr. Connie Walker (NSF’s NOIRLab)

The Moon and cislunar space: Dr. Richard Green (University of Arizona)

Informational Resources

We have created a number of fact sheets, “one-pager” summaries and other materials to help the media better understand the issues the COMPASSE addresses. Documents are linked here.